FADAPA is a set of six "rule of thump" formulations which is valid for successfull studies in social sciences particularly in management.


Only a few out of thousands of social research each year become really successful. Most of them are either not appreciated or forgotten in a short period of time. The primary purpose of this study is to compile and emphasize the fundamental requirements of a successful social research. It proposes six “rules of thumb” and introduces a model coined as FADAPA to correspond the initial of each single rule.


F ind an interesting topic


A nalyze the topic comprehensively


D evelop a simple (and visual) model


A pply it as broadly as possible


P ublish it


A dvertise and diffuse it



Livvarcin, O., A Six Step Model for Successful Research in Social Sciences: FADAPA, Journal of Naval Science and Engineering, 2010, Vol. 6 , No.3 , pp. 40-54