Anthony Athos

anthony_athosAnthony Athos was born in 1934 in Detroit, USA. Anthony Athos began his career as an automotive factory worker where, in an interview with TIME, he claimed scoring "The lowest mechanical aptitude General Motors ever tested", despite this he passed his Certificate in Engineering from General Motors Institute.


Athos' path towards his true vocation began with Harvard Business School, where he received his M.B.A. in 1958 and his D.B.A. in 1964. He remained at Harvard as lecturer and professor, holding the post of Jesse Isidor Straus Chair of Business Administration until June 1982. During his time at Harvard Business School, Athos created a course called "Organizational Behaviour", a study into ethical and psychological issues within organisations, which has now become a requirement for all business administration majors.


Anthony Athos is perhaps best known for his collaborations; both with fellow co-author of The Art of Japanese Management, Richard Pascale, and the McKinsey & Company consultants and authors Tom Peters and Robert Waterman. The four of them brought new dimensions to business management thinking after an in depth study into the qualities of "Excellence" within Japanese management. Their revolutionary conclusions gave rise to the infamous 7S Framework:






-Shared values




The 7S model was first published in the 1980 article "Structure is Not Organization" but was later more thoroughly explored within the pages of The Art of Japanese Management in 1981. Anthony Athos died in late 2002 following a long illness.